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It has come to our attention that most of our customers have either an expired security,anti-virus software or more than one security software installed on their computers without their knowledge.If this is you, here are some suggestions.

If you have an expired internet security software, take action immediately. Either uninstall it or renew your subscription.If you choose to uninstall your expired internet security software,install a replacement one as soon as possible.Remember, you MUST uninstall your expired security software before you install a new one.

If you are looking for a free internet security software, you might want to try Microsoft security essentials, Avg, Avast or Avira. You can even contact your ISP(Internet service provider) to see if they offer any internet security software at no charge. Comcast offers free Norton Internet Security software for their customers as long as they keep their Comcast services.

Remember once you install an anti-virus or internet security software, make sure to keep it up to date, enable automatic updates and run at least 2 quick and 1 full scans every other week.

A PC user* + an up to date internet security software = a virus-free PC

* someone that stays away from xrated virus infested websites, doesn’t click on an ad that say “Click Here,YOU JUST WON A FREE %^&^&*” or opens suspicious emails with attachments.