Operating System Install

Operating System Install is the most crucial program that runs on a computer. Every computer needs an operating system to run other programs. If an OS get corrupted due to virus infections,registry problems or other software related issues, reinstallation might be considered.

During OS installation, hard drive is formatted( which erases everything that’s on the hard drive,excluding recovery partition if there is one).That’s why OS installation MUST be performed after backing up user data to prevent data loss.Then OS gets installed.After installation, drivers must be installed in order for computer to communicate and work with its peripherals and updates must be done.

Windows 7 and 10 are Operating Systems that run on PCs.

Our OS installations rate are $150 to $199 with Data Backup.

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Operating System Install

Services $150 +
“Installation of Operating System on the computer”,,tick_blue,tick_blue
“Installation of necessary drivers”,tick_blue,tick_blue,tick_blue
“Test operating system for proper functionality”,tick_blue,tick_blue,tick_blue
“Perform operating system critical updates”,tick_blue,tick_blue,tick_blue
“Free Anti-Virus Protection Install(Microsoft Security Essentials)”,tick_blue,tick_blue,
“Transfer Files form the Old Operating System”, ,white, tick_blue
“1 year Norton Internet Security Installation and Norton Backup Setup”, , ,white