Ipad Water Damage Repair

ipad water damage repairIpad water damage repair includes full diagnostics and ultrasonic cleaning. We strive to fully restore your phone with only the ultrasonic cleaning process and most of the time, no other parts are needed to be replaced in the phone. If additional parts are needed, they will need to be purchased along with the water damage repair service. It is guaranteed that the phone will be in good working condition after damaged parts are replaced. If we can not get your phone working, we will provide you with a couple different options.

1) Give your ipad back to you.
2) Offer to purchase the ipad from you, since we can still use some of the parts from it, and we like to recycle.
3) If the ipad functions fine, but has one or two minor features that may not be fully repairable, we will offer you a discounted rate for the repair and give the phone back.

Minimum Cost for this service is $59.

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